Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Shooting the Gorge


Last night the wind kept blowing, so our sleep was kind of crappy, so I decided to head over to Gorge Harbor for a little better protection and a non-stern anchor. We waited for about an hour or two before high tide so that we could get out of the harbor. I think we had about 4' under the keel when we left. Desolation sound was pretty flat and windless but finally we poked our head out into the northern edge of the Georgia straits and we had quite a rousing SE with winds somewhere around 20 kts. We quickly set sail and headed West. The cold front that had been moving through the area could be plainly seen about 10 miles in front of us over Campbell River. It looked like this huge wall of water. We just kept on crossing our fingers hoping that we would be able to anchor before it hit us. As we rounded Sutil point we headed North while the front seemed to be moving mostly South. Somehow we managed to make it into Gorge before the rain hit, and we dropped down a ton of chain in the NW corner of the harbor. The wind was still funneling out of the SE, but I figure that it would change quickly.

We dingied over to the Gorge Harbor marina for a little shopping and to dump garbage (They don't actually do this anymore :-(, but we ended up buying so many groceries and such that they took our 1 bag!).

That night we had dinner at the restraint (pretty darn good!) and saw White Swan anchoring out in the bay. They managed to get caught by the leading edge of the front and got a bit hammered out there in the Straits. That night we dingied Dave and Lisa over to the White Swan for some cocktails ...

Lisa After Finishing the "Frog"


The next morning we headed over to Von Donop Inlet with White Swan. Not much in the way of wind, but we did get to go around Shark Spit point which is always challenging.

Kalliope Rounding Sharkspit Point

That night we rafted up at the very southern end of Von Donop Inlet. Dave and I managed to hike a bit towards Squirrel cove and managed to run into a deer, but luckily no bears. We had been hoping for a swim but the head of the inlet was swimming with Jelly Fish, so we decided to pass.

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