Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Well it happened, I managed to turn 40 and the world did not stop. We had a couple of rousing parties and I saved at least half of my brain cells. Meanwhile I keep on getting calls from this girl, Kalliope. It turns out she wants all kinds of new jewelry and such. She's persistent that one is. So, I get in my somewhat trusty Saab and head back to Port Townsend. We have quite a few projects lined up for her, but first the bad news. It turns out that the bearings on my furler where shot and I can't find any replacements. A call to Pro-Furl comes up with a big nada. But, they are willing to sell me a new unit for super cheap so I decide to spend the extra bucks for a new unit.

Kalliope sans furler with Lady Washington in the background

Meanwhile Port Townsend Rigging pulls down the rig and we start stripping it. I let them do the standing rigging while I replace all of the electrical and rebuild and rebed my winches. In three short weeks it is all done and we manage to stand the mast back up.
Holy crap, it is November 6th and it is time to get out of here. We are moving the boat up to Canoe Covefor the winter. On a cold clear morning with frost on the sails my buddy Bob and I take her out of the country for an 8 hour sail up to Canada. Kathy and Bob's wife are taking the car and will meet us in Canoe Cove. Luckily it is really warm and the wind mostly cooperates. We ended up sailing almost all of the way to Sidney.

Heading out of Admiralty Inlet to Canada

In Sidney I found out that my mother was having surgery the next week and that my 97 year old grandmother was not doing so well and needed someone to look after her. We ended up spending a day closing up the boat for the winter and then headed back to Colorado for two whole days before driving all to Alabama. Whew! That is a lot of miles!