Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ubuntu Experiment

For the third time since I bought this system, the hard drive has been corrupted to a state where I can not boot the system. This time I decided to take it to the local PC gurus to see if they could find out was wrong. No luck what so ever. However, I was able to use a Ubuntu USB stick to boot the computer and access all of my files.
Windows XP is just seriously broken. If my only solution is to completely reinstall the entire OS every 3 months, then I think it is time to look for a different OS. My only caveat is that I don't really want to buy a new PC at this time. Heck my existing PC is plenty powerful. So, I have decided to go ahead and install Ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron 6000. No PC, No Mac, just pure open source. I wonder how it will go?