Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Steamboat Springs

Well the trip back east was quite the adventure. We spent six weeks taking care of and visiting family. We saw pretty much everyone except one niece that had recently moved to the mountains. We managed to get back to Colorado a couple of days before Christmas in time for a catering gig that we were hosting for some friends. Whew I need a breather.

Oh yeah, we also managed to get a new crew member: Brunelo (or Bruno or Bruiser for short).

My sisters kids with our latest crew member.

Somewhere in all of the thousands of miles that we drove, we decided that we were going to sell our cabin in Clark, CO and since we like pain, we were going to remodel the kitchen before we sold it. So the decision was made to spend the winter up in Clark. This actually worked out pretty good. We skied almost every day, remodeled the kitchen, did some consulting and sold the cabin by the end of March.

Kathy fighting the crowds at Vista Verde Ranch

This is a boat log after all so we must talk about some things boat related. Sometime in January during a particularly cold snap I used weather.com to look up the weather inSydney, Canada. Imagine my surprise when I saw temperatures that where way below 0 (F not C!). Well I didn't really winterize the boat for that extreme of temperature, so I spent several days panicking and looking for cheap flights until I realized that I was looking at the weather in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Oops. A quick check on Victoria, BCs weather showed a much warmer and happier picture.

Never less, I needed to get out and check on some goodies so in April I booked a flight to Vancouver, did the ferry thing and spent a weekend tidying up things. As an added bonus, a friend of mine came out and we took her out for a lazy sail on Sunday. Not much in the way of wind, but it was 60 and nice and clear. It made me realize that it was time to get my arse in gear and get back out to the boat.