Monday, July 26, 2004

Parent Tour

My parents came out for a quick sail. We picked them up at Harriot bay, sailed over to Manson bay for the sunsets! The next day we did a quick loop around Despoliation sound. The view was a bit hazy because of forest fires, but the sailing was good. We then hi-tailed it back to Gorge harbor. Gorge and Manson are only a mile apart, but we ended up sailing something like 30 miles that day. Whew! The next morning we work up nice and early and motored them over to the Cortes Island ferry. They had to do a little scrambling to get to the ferry (since the boat docks and the ferry terminal are on the opposite side of the harbor!), but they made it okay and got a nice photo of us taking off.
Manson Sunset
Whaletown Departure - A rare underway photo!

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