Friday, July 30, 2004

Pendrell Sound

Sometimes I think power boaters as a general class are some of the most insensitive and rude people. Now not to offend all of the wonderful power boats that we met this summer, but I imagine the majority of power boaters are just fine, but a couple of slime balls ruin it for everyone. Pendrell Sound is a good example. The head of this bay is incredibly warm and used by oyster growers to produce starter oysters. At the entrance there are incredibly large signs that ask for a 4 kt maximum speed and every guidebook makes mention of it. So what do we have, a couple of the larger power boats have ski boat tenders and end up using the Pendrell Sound as their personal playground. Of course this throws up a tremendous wake and make an incredible amount of noise in an otherwise very peaceful setting.

But ya know, despite this, Pendrell Sound is gorgeous and should not be missed. I ended up having a really nice swim, the water temperature was about 74 degrees. Not too bad for a hot day.

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