Thursday, July 08, 2004

North to Nainaimo


We get up nice and early so that we can squeak through Dodd Narrows at noon as we head to Nanamio. Mostly an uneventful day. When we get to Nanamio I call UK to see about the sails. It seems that they have sent my old Genoa (Oh yeah, I left it with them) to the Port of Nanamio. I went emailed the wacky sail photos and he concluded that the sail was cut wrong. I ask if he want the local rep to come out and he says no. So BJ comes by again and we pull down the New sail and put up my old sail once again. Jeez. Of course BJ and I start looking at the sail and conclude that real problem is that the luff is STILL to long. The jib halyard is completely topped out. This information I do not relay to UK because I don't want a hacked up sail. I will either use a new Sailmaker or have them re-measure. What a pain in the ass.

That night BJ, Tricia, Kathy and I went to the Acme for some find food and some good jazz. They put us in the VIP room where we managed to indulge in some wine and spirits. They make some might fine martinis!

The next couple of days we hung out. We used the Internet facilities, restocked the Groceries, watched the Dragon boat races, and generally stayed pretty busy. BJ and Tricia headed North for the Copelands and about a day later the White Swan showed up. Of course we had to take them to Acme and listened to jazz at the Katz club (I guess Acme just bought it. Very Cool).

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