Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Garden Bay Blues

Our Georgia Straight crossing from Nanamio was pretty uneventful. We managed to sail a bit towards the end but mostly motor-sailed. We entered Pender Harbor and made our way back to Garden bay where we stern tied. It was high tide and we hadn't stern tied in about a year, so when everything was done, we ended up with a little less scope than we should have. A couple of hours later White Swan showed up and rafted up with us. I had them drop their own anchor out a bit farther. It was a good thing, because that afternoon a squall came through first blowing like crazy from the south then switching 180 and blowing like crazy from the north. We had all kinds of boats blowing this way and that. That evening we had a might fine dinner with Bob and Diane aboard Kalliope.

The next morning Kathy and I moved the boat over to Sunshine Coast marina in Madeira park (less than a mile away from where we were moored). TheWhite Swanhead off to Princess Louisa Inlet. The Sunshine Coast had really good Internet access and a really nice hot tub. From there it was a short dingy ride to Maderia Park and their excellent Grocery store. We had lunch at their most excellent hamburger stand (located across from the IGA) and spent the rest of the day getting ready for Dave and Lisa (I also squeezed in a little hot tub time).

Later that evening Dave and Lisa arrived from Colorado via a bus from Vancouver. They had cruised with us last summer in the San Juan's and were ready to give it a go again. After we picked them up we went to the pub for dinner and drinks. They even kept it open for us even though we didn't get back until pretty late. When we left the pub it was pretty damn dark. It was quite the challenge to dingy across the harbor and find the boat..
Kalliope at Sunshine Coast Resort

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