Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Isabel Bay

After we dropped the parents off, we headed back to Desolation Sound and down to Isabell Cove. It felt weird to backtrack the same section of water for a fourth time in just a couple of weeks (Parent Tour - twice, Desolation Sound Bound). But we managed to get a bit of sailing in and met up again with our friends Bob and Dianne from the White Swan. It was Dianne's birthday and we had a date at the Laughing Oyster near Lund. Now you might think that Isabella cove is a nice place to anchor and that motoring over to the Laughing Oyster might make for a fun evening, and you might even be right if the wind wasn't blowing like a mother kicking up a huge chop. Suffice it to say, everyone was pretty well beat up by the time we hit the restaurant. However, the company and food were good and we had a great time. When we finally headed back from dinner, the wind had died down and we had a nice twilight ride back to the boat.
Isabel Bay is probably one of the nicest anchorages in Desolation Sound. It is relatively uncrowded and slightly off the beaten path -- shhh, don't tell anyone!
Anchorage with a View!
Bob and Dianne at the Laughing Oyster

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