Saturday, July 03, 2004

Roche Harbor Roundup

Ever since last year when we met Nelly Bly at Eagle Harbor for the 4th of July, BJ has been bugging me to meet up with them at Roche Harbor for the 4th in 2004. Well his persistence paid off because we managed to sneak out of Fossil Cove before low tide left us aground (a -3 tide that day). We had a bit of motoring and a bit of sailing as we made our way over to Roche. Supposedly, BJ's mom had a place all picked out and all we had to do was raft up. Of course this was not to be the case and we were the first to arrive.
Dec 17th --- okay, It is unlikely I will write a bunch more. However, I will post some photos.
Daily Planet, White Swan, Nelle Bly, Kalliope, White Swan, Narrow Path
Nine Boats, Count 'me Nine!
After this was taken, the wind started picking up and we had quite the twist up. A couple of the boats left and that left us in an even more twisted state. About 3 am on Monday morning, BJ, Bob and myself all woke up at the same time hearing something slightly goofy. The wind was on our beam and putting a lot of stress on the anchors, so we busted up the raft and everyone went off to their own corner of the harbor to anchor.

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