Thursday, August 14, 2003

Octopus Islands

I'm really getting into these slack days. Well in theory it didn't have to be completely slack. We had to poke our nose out into Johnstone strait which always has a small craft adisory and we had to negotiate a rapid with a hidden rock smack dab in the middle of it. Well Johnstone Strait was a complete snoozer - good. We hit the rapid just before slack and the rock was covered with seaweed so it was easy to spot - good. Oh yeah, and the head is completely plugged - bad. At least it isn't completely busted. I can discharge directly overboard, but I don't like to do that in anchorages. So I spent about an hour playing with the head and deciding that I didn't really feel like fixing it now anyway. Hopefully it is just a big wad of TP. I'll let mother nature work on some natural disolved before I look at it tomorrow. Even as I write this it is at least dribbling. So the official plan for today was a big row around the Islands in search of mysterious windchimes that are supposed to be here, a big tall beer and finish that silly book that I started yesterday.

The funny thing about this place is that it is only 5 miles as the crow flies from where we stayed last night. But a set of nasty rapids and Johnstone Straits really thin out the crowds. Tonight there are about a two dozen boats anchored in this park. Last night there were five.

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