Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Manson Bay

Well after two serious days of blowing from the NW we were finally able to get off the dock from Harriot Bay marina. I took the rental car over to Campbell river while the girls got the boat ready to sail. I managed to get the car on the last spot on the ferry and had a nice trip over to Campbell River. I then took the car out to the airport. As I was checking the car in, I looked at their map and noticed that there was a Budget drop off right by the ferry. Hmm, since I hadn't checked the car in yet, I decided to head back to town to drop off the car there. This worked great since the ferry was only a block away. Back on Quadra Island, I stuck out the ole thumb to get a ride back to Harriott bay. I got lucky pretty quick, the hot lesbian dock chick picked me up after only a couple of minutes. After another hour of boat work we were ready to go. The wind was blowing out of the south at a lazy 6 kts so we put up all the sails and headed east for Manson Marine Park. For those that have been following this saga, we were there about two weeks ago. This time we arrived from the west after a sneaking through Shark's Spit on the north end of Marina Island (There are NO marinas on Marina island!). Interesting cut, only about 40 feet wide. It is actually marked by buoys (a near first for up here). After anchoring near the head of the bay, we dingied over and hiked to a nearby lake for a nice refreshing swim. Now for a nice chilled bear and a nice bowl of risotto. Yum.

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