Friday, August 22, 2003

Nanaoimo Again

Another big long day with some mighty fine sailing thrown it. I was a little slack at checking out the distance to Nanamio. The previous evening I was talking with a guy on the dock who was from Nanamio and I asked him how long it would take. "About 5 hours," he said. Well I thought no problem. So the next morning I got up and after a leisurely cup of tee, pull out the charts. It was 40nm to Nanamio, just a bit more than 5 hours. "Holy Crap," I thought and pulled up the anchor while Kathy was making French Toast and Anna was still snoozing. Well we got under way and had some nice French Toast, the wind was blowing and so we pulled up the sails and had a nice scoot down south. Of course the wind died and we had to snub them. But then it picked up to a rollicking 18kts and we managed to beat our way into port. 5 hours? More like 8. But we managed to make it into Nanamio by 7:30 PM and headed over to the Acme for a might fine meal. The next morning Anna headed off to Vancouver and to home. Meanwhile, we explored Nanamio some more and hit the Grocery store. That night we headed back to the Acme and listened to an outstanding Jazz singer (who was only 15!). Not a bad gig when you can get it.

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