Monday, August 25, 2003

Ganges Harbor

Now the good thing about hauling butt yesterday meant that we had only an hour and a half cruise this morning. The plan, Ganges Harbor on Saltspring Island. Now this place is really a time warp. Every fad is present here. Hippies, 70 disco queens, punk rockers, skate punks ... It seems that this town is the last resort for these people. Everything is accepted here and anything goes. The bonus is that there are all kinds of strange and fun businesses to explore. We got your art galleries, book stores (at least 6 in a couple block radius), hardware stores (open since 1907), grocery stores and of course groovy little restaurants. So what did we do? We did a walk about and then headed back to the boat for some serious nap action and some serious sunset watching. We were going to go back and watch some music at the Tree Cafe, but inertia took over and we didn't quite make it.

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