Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Back in Nanamio we had some wine from the Saturna Island Vineyards and had decided that we needed to do some serious tasting. We also knew that this was going to be our last stop in Canada before our big schlep down south so we decided to live up a bit.
Saturna Island is relatively undeveloped compared to some of the other Gulf Islands. It does have ferry service, a Grocery store and three restaurants. We decided to take up a spot on the public dock in Lyall harbor. Imagine our surprise when we noticed that the majority of the dock was all charred and crispy. It turns out they had a pretty big fire earlier in the summer which completely closed down their ferry. They still had a place for us to tie up, so all was good.
The first thing we did was walk over to the Saturna Lodge and make dinner reservations for that evening. They even sent a shuttle over to pick us and take us back to the boat. We heard that they had some good food and we were not disappointed. It was probably our best meal in Canada.
The next day we walked "downtown" to the grocery store and over a 600' pass to get the winery. The winery was nestled on the southwest corner of the island against some steep cliffs.

Sitting on the Tasting Deck Watching the View

They had a tasting room and place to eat lunch. The Winery and the Saturna Lodge are owned by the same folks, so the lunch was pretty tasty as well. After tasting all of that wine we were feeling lazy and had the locals take us up to the top of the pass while we walked back down the other side.
It was our anniversary, so cooking was out. That evening we had dinner at the Saturna Cafe. It was crab night and we decided to go crazy and get have crab yet one more time.

Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You on My Mind.

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