Saturday, August 02, 2003


One thing that you start doing when you travel for more than a couple of weeks is start hitting the local festivals. It doesn't matter how small they are. Maybe it is something like the wooden boat festival in Seattle that draws thousands of folks. Or maybe it is like the Poulsbo 4th of July festival or their Norwegian summer solstice festival. Well I am a sucker for local festivals and when I saw the hand painted signs for Lund days I just knew I had to make a bee line up to Lund. The problem was finding the festival. No one knew where it was. Even the next day at 9am, the supposed start of the festival we couldn't find it. Even locals were driving up to us asking us where the damn thing was. Well we finally found it, rather it found us. It was in the lawn outside the Lund Hotel, only a couple of hundred yards from our boat. Only they didn't really start at nine, they finally got their act together around 2 or 3 pm. They started out with a violin recital from the local teacher including such hits as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. The next act had all original material and was composed of the last vestige of the new age movement. Then a local comedy act, and finally the headliner, a local 60-70s era band playing your favorite CSN and dead songs. Luckily, there was plenty of beer on hand, so they sounded pretty good. It is about 11pm now, the local act quit playing an hour ago and the only thing that is left is the new age folks beating on their drums. I think they are trying to revitalize the movement. We did see a brochure today advertising a class about fairies. (Not the San Fransisco type, but more of the Harry Potter type).
All in all, Lund is pretty cool. They pack 'em deep on the dock and weird at the bar. They have a kick ass bakery with about the worst Chai I've ever had in my life. Coffee and bread is good. Chai sucks. Remember that. Also a couple of cool cafes and a nice pub with a great view of the sunset. Billy Bob says check it out.

The Starboard Cafe in Lund
Wacked out house in Lund - Check out the windows
We met another cruising couple, Jim & Judy on Pacific Dreams, a Pacific Seacreast. Nice boat. They are headed North and plan to go a bit farther than us. Good luck to them.

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