Saturday, May 24, 2003

Washington Bound

Fort Collins, Colorado
The last couple of days have been hectic trying to get the house closed up for the summer. Somehow we have managed to everything more or less packed up for the drive out to Washington and the house is in reasonable shape. We have a house sitter for the summer and he came by Saturday to help mow the lawn and help pack up some items in the car.
The plan is to be away for three months this summer. Three months seems like a damn long time.

As an added complication we have a sick kitty, Trier, that we have been taking care of. A couple of years ago he started having some kidney problems. Our vet figured out a regime that stabilized him and he was doing pretty well for the last couple of years. Then in January he started getting some lumps on his back. It was the dreaded C work. Many vets think that this type of cancer is related to the vaccination for feline leukemia. You might want to check into the vaccination before you have your pet poisoned.
Trier has been a damn good cat over the years and is game for about anything as long as it involves sitting on our laps. We've taking him sailing and the heeling boat just doesn't faze him. He'll come up in the cockpit and just hang out.
Anyhow, Saturday afternoon he became pretty weak and had a hard time standing. We thought it might be because of a new medication that he started the week before. Initially the new meds seemed like they were working great (seems like it almost had a Viagra like effect on him. Our other cat, Belini, was non too pleased.)
It is Sunday morning, 10 am, we are ready to hit the road. Really we are. Our boat is in Washington. Trier seems to be doing a bit better. Everything is ready ... except where is our other stupid cat, Belini. She is not to be found. We look 4 hours straight for her. We know she is in the house ... at least we are pretty sure she it .... she couldn't have got out could she. Maybe she is in the Garage. Okay, it is 4 pm and we really have to go. Our house sitter Dan will take care of he until we can bring her out next week. We hit the road. Trier is tired but gets some major lap time so he is mostly a happy camper on the drive out.
An hour after we leave, Belini comes out of hiding. She was somewhere in the house!?

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