Monday, May 19, 2003

Load 'em up

So, I managed to make it to San Diego. As an added bonus my rental car company (Enterprise) closed before I could get my car. So I spent another half an hour digging around for a rental. I managed to pick up a Jeep Wrangler (Drives like a pig on the highway, but it was a convertible).
The next morning, Monday, I woke bright and early and took Kalliope over to South Bay Boat yard to get the mast yanked. This was the first time that I cast off the dock lines and pulled her out of the slip without any help (I guess my neighbors didn't feel like getting up at 7am!). As I was pulling out I was thinking about my deductible, but the wind was light and the gods were merciful, we exited the slip without further incident.
Pulling the mast wasn't as hard as I had thought. I had labeled everything the previous week and she was pretty much ready to go. The only thing that I wasn't sure about was how the wires were connected at the base of the mast. The mast had been pulled before, so I thought there were probable some connectors hiding in the mast ... wrong! The connectors were in the bilge,
in a closet, and under a settee. As the crane was suspending the mast (at $150/hr), I am digging around trying to find all of the connections. I got em loose with only one stupidly cut wire.
Now our baby, Kalliope, is a motor boat.
The rest of the day I spent stowing things so they would not chew holes in the boat on I-5 and removing spreaders and other mast paraphernalia.

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