Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Crossing The Bar

Olympia, Washington

Another bad night for Trier. We also have to meet the trucking company at 9:30 am. Too many things are happening at once. I wish that I could slow them down. We call our vet while driving over to the boat yard. The vet suggests that he might be going into diabetic shock. We need to get Trier over to a pet hospital and make the decision that we knew we would have to make this summer, but were dreading. It is 9:40 am. The boat is still not here. Trier is going downhill fast. Screw the boat. We drive frantically to the nearest pet hospital. Stupid traffic. Get out of the way! Where the hell is the hospital. We finally find it, but it is too late. Trier passes away in Kathy's arms just in front of the hospital. [Afterwards we find out the he was probably not in Diabetic shock and that the cancer was growing inwards attacking his lungs. The hospital would have not been able to do anything.]

After an hour or so, sill in shock, we go back to the boat yard. The boat is still not here but arrives within the next 15 minutes. Our original plan had been to drop the boat directly into the water. We decide to put her on the hard, get the bottom painted, get the new name painted and some other minor things. We really don't want to think about it. There is a hotel in the port district, three blocks away from the boat yard. We check in. Walk down to the Oyster house and have a wake for Trier (damn good cat!)

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