Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Movin' Out

This is the big day. We are loading her up and shipping her out. Again I get up absurdly early to put the final touches on everything and motor over to the yard. The trucker is there, everything is ready ... but, but my neighbor down the dock decided that she wanted to turn her boat into an experimental submarine. When I get to the yard her old wooden boat is sitting on the travel lift, keel sagging and water dripping out of the hull. It takes about two hours for them to deal with her and then splash another boat and then our turn. A little lifting, a little this, a little that, and viola one Tayana 37 packed up and ready to go.

The trucker left about 1:30pm on Wednesday. In theory she could have been ready to be picked up on Saturday. Of course, nothing is opened on Saturday and this is Memorial day weekend, so we are going to pick her up next Tuesday. Now it is time to jump on a plane (not again!). Fly back to Colorado and close up the house for the summer. I got three days before we need to leave.

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