Thursday, May 29, 2003

Good Vibrations

After a good nights sleep we were ready to start tackling the boat. First thing that I got around to really noticing was that the pulpit was bent when the mast was pulled. One of the standing rigging wires snagged a lifeline and torqued the front pulpit. Drag.
The guys at Shurtz Marine did a most excellent job of pulling Kalliope together in spite of the fact that Kathy and I were still basket cases from the previous job.

The Shurtz List
  • Repair Gelcoat on port side
  • Add new bottom paint
  • Paint new name (They actually pointed us to a local guy, Vince, who did a fantastic job)
  • Straighten Pulpit.
My List
  • Replace Zincs
  • Remove Pulpit
  • Reinstall Dodger, Gallows, Solar panels, etc.
  • Fix Windlass (only goes up, not down)
  • Clean up the Anchors. Shurtz let me a descaler to remove some of the bigger nastier rust particles ... I really thought that one of the anchors was a goner, but it seems like it can be recovered. Note to self: don't forget ear protection when using one of these guys. I felt like I just got back from a U2 concert.

Kathy's List
  • Paint V Bearth with anti-mildew paint
  • Stow goodies away

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