Sunday, May 18, 2003

Shipping Out

Today I'm supposed to be flying to San Diego to get Kalliope
ready for her trip up north to Olympia. The plan was to arrive in San Diego
about 3:30pm, bubble wrap up some gear, a nice dinner and then early to bed.
Tomorrow I am supposed to show up at SouthBay boat yard at 7:30am to get the
boat hauled. I'm not flying. In fact I am sitting at the airport waiting for a
flight. My original flight I managed to miss because after I got to the airport
I realized I forgot the keys to the boat. I left them at home .... stupid? You
bet. So a quick call to Kathy and a 45 minute drive to Longmont where Kathy gave
me the keys. Turn around. Hall Ass back to DIA. Of course, I missed the flight
(by only 5 minutes!). Of course they put me on standby. Of course that flight
was completely full. So now I am waiting for the next flight. I have been
traveling since 11:30am this morning and should be on the boat sipping a beer.
Is that happening? No. I am sitting next to the moving walkway at DIA listening
to the lawyer inspired wisdom, "Caution, moving walkway coming to and end.
Please watch your step, thank you." I wish it would come to an end.

Something for the amazing category: I just sent off my SSB & EPIRB
application last Tuesday and it arrived in the mail Saturday morning. Three
working days! Can you believe it? Coast guard registration is taking a bit
longer. I sent in my application April 1st. When I called them last week they
told me that they where just getting to mid March applications. They still think
that I am six weeks out from getting Kalliope transferred (and rechristened from
the uninspiring Rena K. Her original name was Whiraway. We might have
kept that, but not a name that sounds like a substitute for Preparation

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