Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July

Over the last several years it seems like we have always gone to a big 4th of July fireworks celebration somewhere. Since the 4th was on a Friday and we had a big three day weekend, we decided to go off for a little cruise. In addition, our friend Rick's birthday was on the 3rd so we decided to have a combo 4th celebration and birthday festival. Wayne and Trudy of Mahalo also joined us on the raft-up.

Munchin' on the South Shore - Rick you got cut out!

We ended up leaving early Friday morning and arrived in Sucia around 2pm. For a 4th of July there were hardly any boats in the harbor. Heck, there were even a couple of mooring balls opened up. A couple of hours later Mahalo showed up and we had a nice raft up with some extra yummy food.

That night we were able to watch the fireworks for Blaine, Point Roberts and Bellingham. We could also hear Orcas fireworks, but could not see them. Kind of cool to see all of the flashes on the western shores of Washington. The next day we went for a big hike and searched for more beach glass. Still not tellin' where the glass is.

On Sunday we had a great sail back to Bellingham (not Blaine!) and moored out a friend's slip. Hopefully we can be in Bellingham for the next several weeks. Did I mention, that Blaine is a paint in the arse?

Rick at the Helm

Mahalo Under Full Sail

In what I detect as a potential trend, there are more photos here:

2008_07_05 - Sucia-RickBday

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