Monday, July 14, 2008

Escape to Sucia

We have been having a big metaphysical discussion whether Blaine is a better jumping off point for Sailing than Bellingham. I say this is metaphysical, because there is no real answer. Mostly we are just trying to convince ourselves that maybe Blaine ain't so bad after all. To test out this theory we decided for just Kathy and me to head out for the weekend.

For the first trick, we decide to leave Friday so that we would have two nights there. For some silly reason, the wind decided to blow quite a bit on Wednesday and Thursday, so the South Straits of Georgia were extremely lumpy. My big plan was to sail over to Patos and see if any of the mooring buoys were available. So as we set out, the wind decided that it needed to be directly between us and Patos, and as an added bonus we had some nice big waves. Now, Bruno does not particularly like lumpy water, and, in fact, he makes this known by getting violently seasick. So much, that he literally foamed at the mouth for the entire ride over. This happened even though we bailed on going to Patos. Since the wind was out of the west, Patos would have been an extra crappy anchorage. So, we headed back to Sucia again. This time the bay was nice and smooth with none of the lumpiness from the previous week.

Since we were there a couple of days, we decided to a couple of big hikes around the Island.

View into Fossil Bay across Mud Bay

The South Side of Sucia

At some secret spot on the Island, we found tons of beach glass. I think we will start a dedicated jar just for Sucia Island glass.

Mount Baker Finally Showing Herself

Fortunately, the ride back was not as lumpy and we were extra, extra rested and relaxed. That night after we got back to Blaine, we were so much into vacation mode that we stayed the night on the boat and went to White Rock for dinner. A highly recommended weekend.

More Photos Here:

2008_06_14- Sucia wGlass

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