Sunday, August 01, 2004

Blind Channel - take two

We always like Blind Channel. They have a really nice marina and really great food. This year we stayed for three days and just relaxed and enjoyed the surroundings. We me quite a few different folks here. One of the employees had a kayak and let me use it on the reversing rapids. It was good to get out on the water. In the evening, they would have a little jazz combo going and sometime one of the waitresses would belt out a song or two. She was pretty damn good. Blind Channel is also the jumping off point for going north. Beyond it lies the slightly ominous Johnstone Straits. The winds really whip down through these straights from the north. It had been blowing about 40 kts for the previous week, but relief was supposedly in sight. Since this is a big jumping off point, you will meet all kinds of folks sitting about waiting for the weather. Of course everyone tries to talk you in heading north. Originally, Kathy and I planned on staying south and spending more time exploring the Gulf Islands. But the weather gods where extremely cooperative, so we decided to head up north into the Bush.

Kalliope at Blind Channel - Another Rainy Day -)

This woman rowed all of the way from Alaska! Kathy, don't complain about the size of our boat!

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