Saturday, June 12, 2010

There’s a Little Irish in all of us.

It seems wherever we travel, we end up at an Irish pub. It seems strange that you would visit Germany, Belgium or even Hungary and end up in an Irish pub. Seriously, why not go see some ohmpfa band or something with a bit more local flair. The reason, I think, is that one of the best places to meet locals is an Irish pub. By their very nature, Irish pubs tend to lend themselves to talking and joining in with the band. The local aspect comes into play, because many locals go to Irish pubs to help learn English. So if you happen to speak English, well, there are often locals there that are just jonesing to get some practice. A fine example of this type of pub is the Tir Na N’og pub in Neustadt, Drsden -
The Ter No N'og - Complete with local improvements
Here you can listen to some good Irish music, indulge yourself in a pint or two (or three or …) and possible finish off with a “Mini Guiness”.
"Mini Guiness" - Kahlua & Baily's
As you might imagine, we ended up staying there way too late, but then, why else are we here?
Lord preserve us and protect us, We’ve been drinking whisky for breakfast.

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