Saturday, May 09, 2009

Banished to Blain ... Again!

I think I write this post every couple of months. Today we are taking our boat to Blaine again. "Blain?" you ask, " Why would you move your boat there?" Yeah, good question. It turns our that our permanent moorage is in Blaine and our transfer request to Bellingham will take years. Bottom line is that there is a shortage of 40' moorages in Bellingham, and those that they have are amongst the cheapest in the state. Supply and demand. There you go, econ 101. However, I'm not sure that anyone that works at the port had that class.
There could be alternative theory. The port creates an artificial demand to justify the creation of a new marina. "Look voters," they say. "We have a waiting list of ten years. We need a new Marina." I agree. But why can't they manage the resources that they have now? Well I is one of the two theories.
Did I mention that we are going to Blaine?
The trip was actually pretty darn nice. We started around 11am to catch the flood tide. The wind was out of the west and we had a nice sail the whole way. Sunny, fair breezes and awesome scenery. It doesn't get better than that.

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