Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Ripping Good Time


This morning we decided to head out for a drive around the western part of Maui. We started with an obligatory snorkel at Kahekili beach. This beach had an almost non-existent surf, so the water was exceptionally clear. No turtles this morning, but I did see more fish than I had at the previous sites. Many of the public beaches have nice outdoor shower facilities so you can rinse off the salt and the sand. At this shower I was rinsing off and removing my reef shoes when I heard this little pop from my right index finger. Strange. When I looked at my finger I noticed that the last digit was a bit droopy. Uh-oh. So we quickly did a bunch of internet research (See, these smart phones are good for something), called my doctor friend and concluded that I had ripped my extensor tendon. Bummer. I wasn't even doing anything cool. The cure is to immobilize the digit for up to six weeks for sever tears, less for mild tears. Tony thinks that I may have a mild case since I don't have any pain. BTW, it is hard to type without the index finger. I almost do better on the Blackberry!
After our impromptu surgery, we headed west around the island to the Honulua store for a little lunch. The store is an old company store from the Hawaiian Pineapple company and is still a meeting place for the local workers at the resort.
The surf was really rocking today, so we decided to stop at a bunch of the surf spots. First, was DT Fleming beach to watch some of the surfers on the "small" waves, and the off to Slaughter house and Honulua bay to watch the surfers hit the larger 10+' waves.

It was pretty impressive to watch. Some of these guys would just get hammered!

Continuing along the road, the road got even more narrow and curvier. Often, we (well Kathy, I wasn't driving because of my finger), would have to back up to the traffic pass. The shoreline just got more and more rugged, with spectacular cliffs and cool blowholes.

That evening we headed over to the Lahania yacht club and visited with some of the locals. The yacht club is probably more of a drinking club than a yachting club since there isn't really any place to keep boats out here. They do host one really big race each year: Victoria to Maui. Sounds like a cool race.


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