Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rose Bowl Parade Photos

Okay, this is really not the Rose Bowl Parade, it is the Tournament of Roses Parade. What the hell is a Tournament of Roses anyway. Maybe they should rename it to something like the Lehman Brothers Memorial Parade. That way we can help out old wall street a bit. But enough of that, on to our photos:

The traditional opening to make you remember who is really in charge:

This float was put on by the India Tourism Board. I guess they needed to upgrade their image after last years events.

I took this one for my friend Dale. He is really into horses.

Can someone please explain to me the Jack-in-the-Box marketing campaign? I mean this Jack guy is downright scary. He could easily be the headliner on any Wes Craven movie. Notice he is dancing with his next potential victims.

This float had a skateboarding dog on it:

I remembered seeing a video about him someplace:

And finally after the parade I have to ask, "Don't these people know about trash cans?"

More photos from the parade can be found here.

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Rochelle said...

Glad you got the name right! Trash.. it's our native right to leave it strewn about. Just look at the rez!