Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Escape to Winthrop, WA

Last Tuesday we cruised over to Winthrop, WA for a quick escape. We had to cross over the Cascades, which are already showing serious signs of winter.

In the summer months it is quick hop from Bellingham, but remarkably different. First the climate is more like North Park in Colorado than the normal green, wet climate we have here. The town itself is a bit hokey, having completely Disneyfied their exterior to look like an old West town. But the town is not really why you come here. Basically we are here for miles and miles of hiking and biking.
For this trip we picked up a nice little cabin on the river at the River's Edge Resort. It comes complete with a private hot tub, kitchen and two bedrooms. It was pretty nice to be able to sit outside under stars and stare at the river. I think I probably spent most of our quick trip in the hot tub.
From 2008_10_21 - Winthrop WA

For dinner we walked downtown (about a block!), to the Arrowleaf Bistro. We had dinner here last year and the food did not disappoint again. I practically devoured their salad. I think I am still craving vegetables after being in Eastern Europe last month!


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