Saturday, June 07, 2008

Exiled to Blain

After a year and a half of shuffling around Bellingham harbor we finally had to move to Blaine. The last month was especially a bitch, we were in four different spots since we lost our sub-lease on May 1. The Kersey's on Navgar also got banished at about the same time, so we decided to head up to Blaine via sucia. We had great wind up with six knots all the way across Rosario.
Navgar Cruising Across Rosario
The weather in Bellingham was supposed to be all extra yucky, but Sucia came through yet again with nice blue skies and cool days. This is June remember, don't expect the temperature to get much above 60F.
Brr, even in the sun we have to bundle up a bit.
Internet Cafe on Sucia
BTW, you really don't want to moor in Echo bay if the wind is out of the SE. Kind of like the direction that it clocked around to Saturday night. It got pretty lumpy in the bay. I was about ready to move to the aft cabin.
On the way back we decided to take the scenic tour. Since it was an extra low tide, I wanted to see what it looked like at low tide even though I had visited it before and managed to end up in the mud. This time we just motored in and backed out once the depth sounder started reading a foot or so. This is just not the place to end up on a negative tide if your draft > 6'. After that we motored around to the south side of Sucia and squeezed in the pass between Little Sucia Island into Fox cove. Definitely some freaky squiggly water there. There are a couple of very cool mooring balls there. It is much more secluded than Fossil Bay on the other side of the small spit. From there we headed North West to check out Patos Island. There are a couple of mooring balls in Active cove on the SW corner of the island. It looks like a really cool place to Anchor.
The Light House on Patos
After that the weather just got nicer and nicer. We ended up having a really nice broad reach to Blain. The new slip was pretty easy to get into and after we got there, we had Geri and Steve over for a little cocktail. Kathy and I even decided to stay one more night.

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