Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas Parade

Well we finally managed to get the boat down to Bainbridge and all tied up. We hung out for a couple of weeks working on projects and such. At the end of October we loaded up the truck, cats, and a ton of gear and headed back to Fort Collins.

In November we traveled back east to visit family. Kathy visited her mom in Greensboro and I visited my sister and mother. After that we met some friends in Disneyland for a couple of days.

In December we finally made it back to Bainbridge for some much needed boat visiting. We arrived just in time for the Eagle Harbor parade. Complete with caroling boats, lights and the whole nine yards. We didn't arrive early enough for Kalliope to participate, but we did manage to hang out on Nelli Bly during the evening. The next day Phillipe and I took a sail (mostly motor) around Blake Island. It was really a nice day, pretty warm with no rain at all (of course the next day it blew like stink!).

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