Sunday, May 04, 2008

BYC Opening Day

This year we moved Kalliope down to the BYC quest dock so that we could be in the thick of things. As always we had quite the party. Things started off Friday night with a full crew on Kalliope and Navgar. Soon after this photo I put my camera on the binacle and promptly forgot about it.

That night is started raining as only it can out her in the Pacific Northwest. I awoke to Steve Kersey asking me, "Whose Camera is this hanging on my boat?" Uh oh! Well I pulled the batteries and memory stick out, heated up the over to 280 degress. Turned the oven off and put the camera in the oven and finally crossed my finger. Meanwhile we start motoring out for the parade. This years theme was Mardi Gras. We managed to get the boat decorated in the rain on the way to the parade line up. Photos you ask? Hmm, the camera was in the oven.

However, the oven trick worked and we got the camera back in action for the afternoon festivities.

Finaly the weather cleared up and we had about ten people in the boat for dinner.

Sunday was super nice, sunny and warm, so we just lounged around.

Check out this video from the weekend.

Asta Pasta

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