Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Update

A quick Christmas update.

Hey you actually followed the link on the Christmas card. Congrats! Here is the boring text update that I didn't actually send out. Here is what I did last year: Work ... and quite a bit of it too. Somehow I got tied up with Boulder Ventures and started working on yet another start up company. This happened almost a year ago and pretty much consumed all of my time from last December until this past summer. I managed to hit the old airplane a couple of times. Mostly to exciting places like Boston, Austin, and the Bay area. The startup was based around RFID and was frustrating as hell. You can see the results of a half a year's endeavor at Radfly. Did you notice there really isn't anything there. Well that's about the size of it. My partner and I pretty much closed it down last summer.

We also had a quick trip out to Seattle over Memorial Day weekend. We ended up hooking up with the Family Yacht Club and had a grand time rafted up in Poulsbo. After that, we managed to move our boat from Bainbridge up to Poulsbo. That was a pretty short trip.

But we were back pretty quickly over the 4th of July weekend. Mostly we just took short trips. We visited the Lavender festival and had brief trips to Mt Olympia National Park. More details will eventually be found in the Nav Station.

In late July we had a visit from my sister and her clan. We visited the Denver Zoo, Rocky Mountain National Park, The Denver Museum of Natural History, Vail and who knows what else.

After they headed back we took a trip out to Seattle to visit our boat and hang out at the Perry Rendezvous. We then headed up to Canada for a couple of weeks and then swung back south for Port Townsend's wooden boat fest. I got to do some racing on my friend Eric's boat and we even managed to win in the lightest wind you can imagine. So we did manage about a month on the water after all.

Next it was back to Fort Collins and a quick trip out to California to visit some friends. I even managed to almost get a job with a very LARGE company. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and I ended up starting a small consulting company, Atengo, with a friend of mine. That web site actually has some more information. We have officially dubbed it the world's worst web site. Hopefully it will get better soon. We even have a customer, so I have been busting my arse until just minutes ago.

So that's the quick update. Maybe someday I will do more with this stuff.

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